Build an In-Ground Waterfall

Step 1

Mark the desired location for the waterfall and pond.


Step 2

Dig the hole for the pond. Use some of the previously dug dirt to help with leveling. Create an elevated 6-8 in. ledge around the perimeter to keep out unwanted water.


Step 3

Determine the location and desired height of the waterfall. Build the tier with stacked cinder blocks. Fill in all voids with dirt and level the area.


Step 4

Remove the 13 x 20 ft. PVC Liner from the packaging, unfold and cover the pond and waterfall. Remember to place the smooth side of the liner down. The liner should extend at least 10 in. passed the elevated edge.


Step 5 

Tuck the liner tightly in all areas, while continuing to smooth the liner and adding various types and sizes of rock. Place rocks in the bottom of the pond and around the edge until the liner is no longer visible. 

TIP: Thoroughly rinse all landscaping rocks to avoid water turning murky upon contact.


Step 6

Place the waterfall pump in a pump shield and at the base of the pond.

TIP: Sit the pump on top of a brick or flat stone. This eliminates the pump from sucking in debris at the bottom of the pond.


Step 7

Run the corrugate tubing and pump cord within a fold of the liner, over the edge of the pond, and nestle at the top of the waterfall in order to create a steady flow of water. Try to minimize the number of turns in the tubing to maximize water flow.


Step 8

(Optional) Add a set of Pond and Landscape Lights at the base of the waterfall. The cord can be tucked into a fold of the liner and hidden. Use the rocks in the bottom of the pond to help stabilize the lighting.


Step 9

Spray Waterfall Foam Sealant in the cracks and crevices of the waterfall to create a water-tight seal and ensure efficient water flow over the rocks.


Step 10

Fill the pond with water while smoothing the liner and placing additional rocks as needed. Plug in your pump once it's submerged.


Step 11

Add a chlorine remover before adding any fish or plants to the water. 


Step 12


Items you will need:

Waterfall Cascade

13 ft. x 20 ft. PVC Liner

1000 - 2000 GPH

Waterfall Pump

20 ft. of 1 in. ID Tubing

1 Can of Waterfall Foam Sealant

Cinder blocks

Assorted Natural Stones or Rocks