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Pond Aerator with Lights


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  • The aquanique Pond Aerator helps add oxygen to water for a healthy, thriving aquatic environment.
  • Designed to stimulate plant growth and help inhibit algae.
  • Adjustable flow control on the lily pad air valve.
  • The white LED light ring illuminates the bubble pattern and creates a beautiful nighttime glowing effect
  • Easy to install, this aerator runs on a single cord so put it in the water, plug it in and enjoy
  • This aerator includes a 16 ft. power cord to allow for flexible installations.
  • Includes: energy-efficient 280 GPH UL-listed pump, aerator nozzle head with built-in LED light ring, filter box with filter pads, ceramic bio-media, and artificial floating lily pad to hold air tube
  • Optional artificial plant material provides an environment for fish, air tube allows air to enter the aerator, floating lily pad keeps air tube above water level
  • We do not recommend using the aerator in ponds larger than 600 gallons
  • Use during the winter to prevent ice formation and allow gases to escape the pond
  • Submersed use only


7.75 in. wide x 6.75 in. tall


1 year